How it Works

Submit the form for your espresso machine. We’ll give you an estimate of what you can expect to make on your machine in 24-48 hours. Use your credit towards a new home setup!

Get an estimate

Submit your machine with photos and a description of its condition. Assuming it meets our criteria for trade-in, we’ll give you an estimate within 24-48 hours.

Ship your machine

Ship your machine back to us. We will thoroughly clean, inspect and test your machine. Unless the description was inaccurate or we find anything unexpected during our inspection, the credit will match the estimate.

Choose your upgrade

Decide on your new home setup. Or hold on to your credit for as long as you’d like! Credits never expire.

Eligible Espresso Machines

We only accept machines that are less than 3 years old.

For answers to other questions you might have, please see the Program Details.

  • ECM Classika
  • ECM Mechanika V Slim
  • ECM Synchronika
  • LUCCA A53 Direct Plumb
  • LUCCA A53 Mini
  • LUCCA M58
  • LUCCA X58
  • Profitec Pro 300
  • Profitec Pro 500
  • Profitec Pro 600
  • Profitec Pro 700
  • Rancilio Silvia